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Creating a Pet Trust helps ensure your pet will be well cared for

What Is the Purpose of a Pet Trust?

Posted on: September 26, 2023 | By: Bradley Campbell
A pet trust provides a legal entity to hold funds and designate a caregiver to support the care of your pet if you should become incapacitated or pass away.
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Senior woman as a bride in a second marriage

Estate Planning For Second Marriages

Posted on: September 19, 2023 | By: Bradley Campbell
Before celebrating a second marriage, focus on less exciting matters, like redoing your estate plan to match your new family's needs.
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duties of an executor

What Are the Duties of an Executor in Texas?

Posted on: September 13, 2023 | By: Bradley Campbell
Being named as an executor in a loved one’s Last Will and Testament is a big responsibility. It is important to understand what you are agreeing to before you step into the role as executor.
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Couple signing their Last Will and Testament to prevent family fights

Minimize Family Feuds about Your Inheritance with Your Last Will and Testament

Posted on: September 6, 2023 | By: Bradley Campbell
The distribution of wealth among beneficiaries through your final will and testament is often a complex and sensitive issue, one that can potentially spark conflicts and legal challenges among family members.
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Transfer Texas Real Estate

Transferring Texas Real Estate to Children

Posted on: August 25, 2023 | By: Bradley Campbell
For many parents, transferring real estate to their children is an important part of their estate planning process. There are several ways that parents can do this, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
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Tyler estate planning attorney

Estate Planning Checklist to Put Affairs in Order

Posted on: August 18, 2023 | By: Bradley Campbell
An estate plan can give you peace of mind that things you value will be distributed according to your wishes when you die.
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LLCs in estate plan

How Estate Planning Transfers Business Interest with Limited Liability Companies

Posted on: August 9, 2023 | By: Bradley Campbell
An LLC is a particularly flexible form of business entity that is governed by statute and most often is organized in the estate planning context as a ‘manager managed’ LLC.
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College kids legal documents

Is Your Kid off to College? Don't Forget These Legal Documents

Posted on: August 1, 2023 | By: Bradley Campbell
Many things change from a legal standpoint once kids become independent adults and head off to college. Review the checklist below to prepare your kid for life's next journey.
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kids on deed to house

Should You Put Your Child’s Name on the Deed to Your House?

Posted on: July 12, 2023 | By: Bradley Campbell
If a child you’ve added to your deed goes through a divorce, has tax issues, is sued by someone, or must declare bankruptcy, your house could be on the chopping block!
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